maandag 18 april 2016

Oracle Procurement Cloud: 3 reasons to move towards the cloud

Oracle’s cloud ERP solutions are no longer in the premature stage. Take for example the Oracle procurement Cloud, this solution has come a long way and now fully functions as a procurement solution.
Let us distinguish 3 major reasons why it is good to think about moving towards the Oracle Procurement Cloud: Analytics, Collaboration and Usability.

Real-time reporting and dashboards are becoming more and more important for procurement agents. This not only applies to people working in office, but especially for agents in the field. With real-time reports they are able to make quick decisions based on the latest information.

Analytics has been implemented across procurement in many ways. Embedded procurement dashboards are available that can easily be tweaked an customized to the clients’ wishes. On top of that, you can easily drill down from an overview to the transaction detail. An example is that you can directly open a specific PO to acquire more detailed information on the transaction level when generating an overview of all open purchase orders.
Example of a Procurement Dashboard
One other great feature is that with one dashboard, you can generate an overview that spans across multiple business units (for example certain business divisions in different countries). You are able to generate one simple overview with all necessary information. No longer you need to create all kinds of separate reports that are not easily combined.

Collaboration, both between colleagues and suppliers has taken a big leap over the last few years. With Oracle Procurement Cloud you can now communicate easily through chat with colleagues on specific transactions such as a contract or purchase requisition. All communication history is stored, so that users later can easily back track what has been discussed on a specific transaction.
Converse on a transaction based level
Furthermore, when communicating with suppliers through the supplier portal or through negotiations, similar chat functions are available. No long emails or phone calls are needed anymore. Quick transaction based conversations will make any negotiation or purchase order run more smoothly through the entire process.
Oracle procurement cloud is fully based on the latest technology and provides a simple user interface that is easily scalable to different mobile devices. The complete solution functions in a web browser and no other installations are required.
The interface is scalable to different devices
The user interface in many ways has simplified, ranging from menus that are now easier to maneuver to the ability to deep drill on a transaction level. Gone are the old, and often grey old fashioned windows.

These are just three examples of advantages of Oracle Procurement cloud. For more information, feel free to get in touch!